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  • 4 PORT KVM SWITCH: 1 USB console controls 4 HDMI - interface devices. Supports auto scan and 3 switch modes: Button switch/ keyboard switch / Mouse Switch. It also supports Hot-Plug that you can plug and unplug it without shut down the devices.

  • HD VIDEO QUALITY: This HDMI switch is fully compatible with HDMI 1.4A, HDCP and wide screen. Supports HDMI digital monitor, 3D ,480i, 480p, 720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p (HDTV) ,1920x1200(DVI).

  • DYNAMIC SYNC DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY: With the EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) technology which controls display by memory function, the switch can maintain optimal display resolution all the time.

  • STABLE PERFORMANCE: This 4-port switch use advanced encryption chip, and designed with multiple cooling,gold-plated interface and environmental protection of full-metal, which ensure the stability of the item running and a good user experience.

  • OPERATION SYSTEM COMPATIBILITY: All system of Windows (Achievable all switching modes ); Linux/Unix/Dos and Mac(Switch by buttons and keyboard ). It can also compatibile with a single wireless keyboard/mouse combo adapter.


The Sea Wit HDMI KVM Switch uses the original chip imported from Silicon Valley. The 4-port kvm switch is designed to control 1 to 4 computers, servers, DVR/NVR, laptops, hard disk players and other HDMI devices by 1 independent set of USB keyboard, mouse and monitor.The unique KVM technology can significantly save the desktop space and equipment spending.

Compatible with all systems of windows, Linux, Unix, Dos and Mac.

Switching methods:

Suitable for windows, Linux,Unix,Dos and Mac.

1. Button on the front of the panel.

2. Double-clicking the Scroll Lock/Num Lock to switch to the next device.

Note: The Apple keyboard does not support switching via the keyboard.


Just for Windows,required software installation.

1. Using mouse to switch to any connected device you want.

2. Automatic cycle scan,the interval of auto switch can be set (10 to 60 seconds)

Warm Tips:
1. Please do not use the keyboard and mouse during switching.

2. Make sure that each set of switch ports corresponds to one input device. HDMI for video and audio transmission, USB-B for USB devices such as mouse and keyboard.

3. Please make sure your keyboard and mouse work properly without switch.

4. If the max resolution of your monitor exceeds 1922x1080p, the display is 1922x1080p.

5. If there is no HDMI port of your monitor, please buy a converter to convert the video signal to those of DVI, Displayport (DP), or VGA(Since the part of converters can not be reversed, make sure it is HDMI to DP / DVI / VGA).

 Efficient work

 This 4-port switcher is built using only the high-grade components. World-class chip for professional engineering which can compatible with a variety of mainstream servers and     operating systems at the same time,P-n-P, real-time switching without delay.

 High Reliability

 It uses the standard international 1U design for the 19-inch cabinets. All-metal shell with anti-oxidation coating and multiple cooling design make the switch anti-fingerprinting   anti-power leakage,anti-interference and even can be continually running efficiently and stably up to 8000 hours at once.

 HD display

 The gold-plated HDMI interfaces of the switch are fully compatible with HDMI 1.4A for high-speed transmission of 3D video signals, also supports widescreen, HDMI digital screen.

 With EDID protocol enables the switch to automatically adapt to the resolution of each output device, you can maintain the best picture without adjustment.

Product Specifications:

Port Type:

2 × USB Type A Female

4 × USB Type B Female

4 × HDMI Type A Female

Maximum input distance: 16.4FT/5 Meters

Maximum output distance: 49FT/15 Meters

Video : 1080p (HDTV) / 1920×1200 (DVI)

Power: DC 5V 2A

Default scan Interval: 10 seconds(Setting:10-60 seconds)

Operating Temp:  0-50℃

Storage Temp: -20-60℃

Humidity: 0-80% RH, Non-condensing

Shell: Metal

Box Contents :
1 x 4 Port KVM switch
1 x Power adapter
4 x USB Type B Cable
4 x HDMI Cable
1 x Sea Wit Mouse
1 x User manual in English
1 x Drive

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